Experience True Realism with HDR Imaging

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Discover the power of HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR photography) replicates how our eyes naturally see by capturing a broader range of light and color than traditional photography. It does this by combining multiple images taken at different exposure levels. This overcomes the camera's limitations to replicate the human eye's dynamic range. The outcome is photographs that authentically capture the property as it would be perceived in person, creating a truly natural visual experience.

  • Showcase your property in its best light with HDR imaging.
  • Experience stunning photos that capture the full spectrum of colors and details.
  • Heighten your property listings to stand out in the market.
  • Trust our FAA Licensed Drone Pilot Services for breathtaking aerial views.
  • Take your property tours to the next level with 3D immersive virtual tours using Matterport technology.
  • Capture cinematic moments with steady-cam video capture.

FAA Licensed Drone Pilot Services:

  • Take your property listings to new heights with our FAA-licensed drone pilot services.
  • Our remote-piloted aircraft system provides breathtaking aerial views of your property and its surroundings.
  • Showcase not only the property itself but also highlight important landmarks and the community, giving potential buyers a comprehensive perspective.

3D Immersive Virtual Tours with Matterport:

  • Step into the future of real estate marketing with our 3D immersive virtual tours.
  • Matterport technology creates a seamless, lifelike walkthrough experience of your property.
  • Users can virtually "walk" through the space, explore it from different angles, and interact with specific features.
  • This interactive approach offers a realistic way for potential buyers to explore properties remotely, increasing engagement.

Steady-Cam Video Capture:

  • Our steady-cam video capture technique ensures professional-quality videos.
  • Achieve fluid, cinematic motion as we navigate through the property.
  • Provide your audience with a captivating visual journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Summit View Photography offers high dynamic range photography services across Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, and San Bernardino.